Co-Founder & CTO @ VRTIFY Inc. || Co-Founder & CEO @ AlchemiaGames Srl.

…Just Because nobody has done it doesn’t mean its impossible…

Hi! The most important thing you could know about me is that i´m a men who loves what he does, I´m a Sr. Developer, Love to write code, work under my own moto that in programming there is nothing impossible, and that i´ve been doing it since i was 12 ( Yeap… Nerd Alert ). Since then i´ve been pushing my limits, acquiring experience and knowledge on the world of informatics. Always trying to succeed following my dream of creating a huge VideoGames Company; to be able to give the users the games they deserve, and not the over-cloned crap thats circulating the cloud. I had my ups, and a lot of downs, but ultimately the company is ON, and we are releasing new exciting games and apps all the time.

As they say ..Success stands in the back of sacrifice… All the hard work that we do is to create better experiences for the users.

I´m not fond of rules or going with the flow, so pardon me if i sound a “little” unorthodox… its the way I roll.

But if you really want to know me, the best way its to play our games or use vrtify; Because there is a lot of me in each of them.

See Ya!


AlchemiaGames || www.alchemiagames.com

VRTIFY || www.vrtify.com